Can NextCloud share data between other app on a TrueNas server?


I’m just wondering the concept of NextCloud on TrueNas .

With NextCloud on TrueNas we can store the data managed by NextCloud on the storage of TrueNas.

I’ve read that NextCloud manage data on his own way and it’s not recommended to directly access these data by another way (file manger or others programs)

But TrueNas can do more other things with others Jails/Plugins. What’s happens when we need to use data on both NextCloud and another Jail/Plugins ?

Is there a good way to manage this or should we dumbly duplicate the data ?


You’ll want to consult truenas documentation. Truenas handles the underlying filesystem and mount points. It fully supports Nextcloud.

Truenas only makes sense if your computer has multiple hard drives and you want support for mirroring and backups between them.

It makes sense if you have at least:

  • ssd boot disk
  • another ssd cache disk
  • 2 or 3 disks minimum of identical size
  • gb or higher wired ethernet. Can easily handle 10gb.

You’ll still need additional disks for backups.

Thanks for you response but I already know what TrueNas is. Actually I manage my personal Nas with TrueNas since several years now.

My question is more about the data manged by NextCloud on TrueNas.

Here’s a example to be more concrete, I have a large amount of photo on my TrueNas, can I “use” them on NextCloud and on the same time “use” them to another TrueNas App (PhotoPrism) ? Will there be no conflicts ? If I change/edit photo on one app what will happens on the other app ?

Photoprism fully supports Nextcloud, so you can follow their documentation to setup.

Photoprism was an example…

The question behind is what’s the NextCloud vision of the data structure in a TrueNas environment when data can be used between by several apps/jails.

Truenas provides the data structure, not Nextcloud. So, you’ll configure it however you want and point Nextcloud where to look for it’s ./data/ directory.