Can Nextcloud partition installations based on hostnames?

I’m hoping to host one Nextcloud instance but have multiple, unrelated groups use it. Is this possible?

I would serve as the technical lead for our organization but our organization has multiple subgroups who are unrelated to one another. I would like to host Nextcloud on a domain (e.g. but have unrelated Nextcloud instances per hostname. So would be a completely different scope than Can Nextcloud support this kind of setup or would I need to host two different Nextcloud instances on the same server (and have apache or nginx forward to the correct instance based on the hostname)?


You can have different groups on one server, and use different hostnames. But if you’d like a different theming, different configuration (different apps, …), I’d go for different setups. You can still share files and folders over federated sharing. If the setups grow larger, you could easily put the installations on different hardware.


Great! I’ll look in the documentation more and play around with this. I don’t think the subgroups (this is a pretty non-technical organization) would care about distinct configurations per group, but they would care about being partitioned off well (e.g. no accidentally emailing the whole organization, etc.)