Can NextCloud do remote storage?

Hello, is it possible to have nextcloud running on some random shared hosting plan, but have the files stored on a separate remote?


You can use Primary Storage and External Storage on your “random shared hosting plan”.

Primary Storage can on the filesystem of the nextcloud.
It also can be on another filesystem e.g. object storage.

Exernal Storage (not Primary Storage more Secondary Storage) is mounted storage in the nextcloud.

You also can use this:

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Thank you very much!!

Just curious. If I have my files on an external storage, who is incurring the cost of the FTP? The shared hosting that houses the nextcloud interface or the external storage (AWS)?

What is “cost of FTP”? Cost of data transfer in money or data bandwidth?

For example. If you have 1000 users you need a server (nextcloud) with a lot of cpu and bandwidth between clients and server (nextcloud). On the storage (AWS) you need a lot of storage (e.g. 1000 x 5 GB = 5 TB) and the traffic is between server (nextcloud) and storage (AWS).

The end user never gets the data direct from storage (AWS).
If you use server side encryption you only must trust your server provider (nextcloud) and not your storage provider (AWS).

For highly availability you must use more than one nextcloud server.

I hope this is the answer for your question. If not ask more accurate.

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Ahh, so on every video download, I am using up bandwidth on both the nextcloud server and the storage, equal amounts?

I think yes. But these days for good providers not the bandwith is the problem. The storage is the problem. Search for your server (nextcloud) for “unlimited traffic” e.g. “unlimited traffic vps”.

How much user do you want to manage?
How much data do you want to manage?

15TB of storage lol. We have it on Amazon S3. But the Nextcloud will be on Siteground. Not more than 5 users.

I fear slow download/upload speeds.

If you actually not using Nextcloud i think you must migrate the storage from Amazon S3 to Nextcloud Primary Storage with S3 [1] . Alternative you can use it as external storage [2]. But sorry i do not use it. Search the internet or ask in this forum.

Really 5 users or public shared videos to thousands of people access them every minute? Then you must add them because of cpu (nextcloud) and bandwith (nextcloud and storage)



The videos are not shared to the public, we want to use nextcloud to manage and keep track of files. Add custom meta-data, and connect files to tasks. And also manage access to files.

Ok. Than there are a few question.

a.) Do you manage your nextcloud or do you want manage the nextcloud from Siteground?
b.) Only an nextcloud instance or a own VPS or root server (shell access for occ, …)
c.) 5 TB per month is perhaps a problem (but not in daily operation)

If you use S3 as Primary Storage you really need only a little bit HDD and i think 60 GB is fine. But if you use S3 as External Storage the user can store data on the HDD, too and i think 60 GB (effective perhaps 40 GB) is only 8 GB extra for each user.

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a) Manage nextcloud on the siteground.
b) Its shared hosting, so just FTP access to Nextcloud code files and the SQL through phpmyadmin.
c) We have 15TB of files. But perhaps the bandwidth might reach 100GB/month.

I’m afraid the siteground might slow uploads and downloads.

In Germany you can buy a VPS with 4 cores, 8 GB RAM, 200 GB SSD, unlimitted traffic for 4,99 Euro a month.
How much money do you pay for your shard hosting with FTP in a month? With this service perhaps 1 Euro? Or do you want pay nothing because you have a webspace?
I think it is not a good idea to host 15 TB at AWS (how much money do you pay to Amazon?) and use only a shared hosting with FTP. You have no shell-access for “occ”, … If you have problems you can solve them worse with shared hosting than with VPS.