Can Nextcloud client generally be installed on Windows 7?

This is the error I get, in a Windows error dialogue box, when I try to install Nextcloud on Windows 7:

The procedure entry point RtlIsPartialPlaceholder could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll.

I ran sfc /scannow with clean results.

Can Nextcloud client generally be installed on Windows 7?

Windows 7 has already reached the end-of-life state and should be classified as highly insecure and therefore shouldn’t be used anymore. Update your client to Windows 10 asap to be on the save site. Additionallycheck out the requirements here:

Client version 3.1 mentions Windows 7 related bug fixes, so I would say that version does support Windows 7. I can’t say about the current version.

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Hmm, thanks, I did not consider/know that. I will upgrade my computer. In the meantime I may try 3.1.


Windows 7 is still frequently used in corporation sphere, and has extended security support up to 01/2023 (embedded version even longer). I do not think it is good idea to drop it from NC-client.

FYI, my employer is just in dilema what to do: keep using unmantained 3.0 NC-client version on all w7-workstations, or replace all our NC-servers with some other solution (we are paying for commercial support, so with our departure NC might loose quite much money, as this is 20k+ employees multi-national enteprise)…

That is a usual problem if a company wasn’t able to manage a well announced migration in time and has now to pay for extended support for MS software. I think if you’ve also signed a support contract with Nextcloud GmbH, they will be more than happy to give you extended support for their software too :wink:

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Sure, it’s been long announced that Microsoft will drop support for Windows 7, but that doesn’t automatically mean that Nextcloud would drop its support for Windows 7. In fact, it seems like this has been decided on a whim, as my Nextcloud client keeps trying to download and install the latest version even though it’s not compatible with Windows 7. Of course the installation fails every time - without a single mention of why it fails - and even though I select “Skip this version”, the client keeps bugging me on every startup and also in the Windows “speech bubble” that I should restart the application so that the new version can be installed.

I think the proper way to end support for Windows 7 would be to release one last version that doesn’t try to update itself. Perhaps upon installing this last version, there could be some message letting the user actually know that support has been dropped and that no more versions will be downloaded.


I can’t believe you wright such a ignorant answer :frowning:

Just use Owncloud client on win 7. Connects to NextCloud server and syncs without issues. You’ll need to use an app password though if you have 2FA enabled.

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OwnCloud client works on Win 7 and connects to NextCloud server without issues.


FWIW I booted a Win7 computer I haven’t used in a while recently and I just noticed it has somehow updated NC to the latest version, 3.3.6. Whatever the problem was, it may have gone away for now :slight_smile:

Nextcloud 3.4.0 works fine on win 7 except for trying to connect to a NAS but same problem on WIN 10

Just go back and download 3.1 or older client but you will want to watch for security issues when using older versions.

I think the older Nextcloud client is the least of your problems if you are using it on an operating system like Windows 7, which hasn’t received any security updates in over a year.

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You must not be running windows 7 anywhere. Although they say it is no longer supported. Reached end of Life, One of my machines is still on Win 7 and I get security updates regularly. In fact I got a new update this week.

It was only a couple years ago I shut down my last XP machine and I was getting regular updates on it also Long Long past the official EOL.

I am guessing many others run older OS for specific reasons. I keep a win 95, 3.11 and a dos 6.22 machine around because there is a lot of stuff out there that people have never updated, Especially in the industrial world where there are machines with some really old stuff that I use a terminal program to work on.

Yeah sure. But I doubt that someone needs a Nextcloud Client on such a machine. And these machines are hopefully in their own network segment without direct internet access :wink:

Nextcloud is a file sharing and a colaboration platform like M365 or Google Workspaces, which is maent to be used on your main desktop / office PC. And as you said yourself, you must not run Windows 7 on such a machine anymore. Btw you can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free, which is supported until 2025.

If you don’t like the way Microsoft does things in newer Windows versions, or the general direction Microsoft is going with their products, you should probably look for alternatives. But staying on an old unsupported version of Windows on your general purpose PC, is not a solution. And it’s only getting worse the longer you wait.

Nextcloud client 3.4.2 x64 works on Windows 7 x64.