Can I use the same Collabora for multiple Nextcloud?

Hi all!
I’m new to this forum but I’ts time that I read.

So my question is: if i have a SRV with some VM: can I configure onlly 1 Collabora installation for all the Nextcloud VM’s? Or i need to run a Collabora specifically for every Nextcloud installation?

Yes. You can even run Nextcloud and ownCloud instances against one Collabora installation at the same time.

So if I have a VPS and I install Collabora, and then I buy 5 Raspberry pi 3 with different installation of nextcloud I can use only one vps for collabora!? This is great! The file that someone is using on one installation are visible to the others installations?

Please be aware of names:

  • Collabora Office is the enterprise release with limits based on the contract tier you signed.
  • CODE - Is the development branch that AFAIK can be installed with Docker and by APT packages, limited to 10 documents/ 20 connections.
  • LibreOffice Online - Is yet another release

And yes you can work out that approach, but take into account that the first document open will take ~150mb of RAM and further documents will take ~50 MB each.

So even with no limits on the software side, you might wanna try a high ram VPS in order to run such server so you don’t run into “hardware limits”.


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Thank you Ark74!
Now I have a different question, Collabora is OpenSource but I need to pay?
Is there a way to integrate LibreOffice online to nextcloud?

This will sound as a history class but bare with me, Libre software and Open Source makes sure that you can get the software and use it for any porpuse charging for it or not.

Since much of the software can be found on the internet, then almost all FLOSS business have moved to the “support & development” business.
Where people pay for having the facility to call someone and wait for fixes and support.

That is most FLOSS, nextcloud included, which is a really nice case since they have killed some shady practices from its predecesor.

In short, abdicating for gratis products lead to issues like Facebook is going through, if we wanna be responsible for our own good we should be willing to invest in development and services as Nextcloud, Collabra, Kopano et all.

If you can deal with an unlimited, unsupported branch of Libre Office Online, go to:

Their script works pretty well most of the time, it takes around 20GB and 7 hours to build, with at least 4 GB of RAM.

Remember this is a unsupported branch, there is no support number to call. It might do what you need, hope you found what you were looking for.