Can I use FIDO2 key (Yubikey) as a 2nd factor authorization?

Hello community,

Is it possible to use a FIDO2 key as a 2nd factor authorization for my admin account?

Ideally, I would just completely remove password authentication from my admin account and only use Yubikeys. I understand the risks associated with this setup and I plan to add several Yubikeys as backups. I like the idea of this setup, because it would prevent remote access to my account.

Is this setup possible?

Yes both options are possible…

Passwordless Authentication:

Go to Personal Settings → Passwordless Authentication → Add WebAuthn device

Two-Factor Authentication:

  1. Install the Two-Factor WebAuthn app: Two-Factor WebAuthn - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

  2. Go to Personal Settings → Two-Factor Authentication → Add security key

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