Can I set trash bin location to external storage

Nextcloud version (eg, 12.0.2):17.04
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 17.04):ubuntu 18.04
Apache or nginx version (eg, Apache 2.4.25): apache2.4.29
PHP version (eg, 7.1): php7.2

I mount a usb hard disk, It look like will move file to local disk when I delete some file from the usb disk. it waste a lot of time

Can I make it move to the same disk.

Files moved from
data/<user>/files to data/<user>/files_trashbin/files
for normal file and directory structure in nextcloud.

I konw that. I mean I use two Physical hard drive, when I delete file, nextcloud move file between diffent drive , it waste time.
can set Multiple file system locations for trash?

Can you post your configuration, paths and mount points?

system root and nextcloud on /dev/sda2/
nextcloud on /var/www/html/
nextcloud data folder on /var/www/html/data/
USB disk(/dev/sdb2) mount /var/www/dav/仓库
And use external storage app mount it to /
I ignored a few unrelated partitions, if need, please tell me run what command .

I tested it. If you delete a file from external storage it moved to:
Perhaps it is possible to delete a file without trashbin.
I think because of recovery it is not possible to move it to another location.
Perhaps it is possible to use soft links to another location.

You can try to mount folder from another drive to the files_trashbin. Use --bind key to mount folder to another location.
E.g. I have Previews folder on SSD that is mounted to the Nextcloud that is on HDD. Configuration in /etc/fstab is

/var/nextcoud_previews	/var/www/nextcloud/data/appdata_xxxxxx/preview	bind	defaults,bind	0

That could work, but it would have to be done per user.

You should put in a feature request for this.

Thank you.
That way seems like make a link?
But , I also need trash have in local disk . I want delete file from that two disk can fast,not move one to another one.
The local disk (/dev/sda2) is ssd(100GB). USB disk(/dev/sdb2) is HDD(2TB).
That HDD stores many video. I want that is movable in sometime(if nc work good,that situation will be rare).
If put real location in ssd(now case), trash bin will appear to be relatively free. if put real location in HDD,when I remove it will lost trask bin file.
Mount a removable hard disk It should be a common scene.
have any good way?

I can’t believe this is being ignored by core devs since years now… It’s a problem with every external storage. If I have an external nextcloud instance, deleting a file downloads that file… Deleting a file from S3 downloads the file.
Nextcloud really needs to work on how they process files on external storages. Create a .trash on the external directory if it is S3 or ftp. If it’s an external nextcloud, use their trash and file versioning system.
Keep files on the external storage no matter what!

This is a real problem for me right now. I’m trying to connect a big external storage in a different location. But how am I supposed to let people work with that, if they can’t even delete a 5GB video file within a few seconds because it gets downloaded first.

Edit: I just found the PR that will solve the problem: Sorry for anyone who got notified :smiley:

I have nextcloud 21 and this issue continues, so I need add option for delete external files without copy to trashbin.

How can I apply that mod of github? that GitHub request is closed and it is not in the nextcloud store


Here is an answer, it should be in NC 21 External delete directly by dassio · Pull Request #23489 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

It says NC21 Beta5… so it is not in stable version.
The last answer is: " MorrisJobke modified the milestones: Nextcloud 21, Nextcloud 22 on 7 Jan" So I understand that this mod is for NextCloud 22. I have NextColud21 and this mod isn’t there.

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