Can I safely use a migrated active directory?


I’m using nextcloud 14.0.3 + ldap / ad integration and just migrated users from an old active directory to a new one (using ADMT 3.2 + PES 3.1).

The problem is users’ UUID (objectGUID) changed so the old ldap mapping definitely wouldn’t work.

Can I safely change the Host in ldap / ad integration settings to my new active directory and transfer their files (using occ files:transfer-ownership command) later?

OK. I just removed the configuration (Went to Settings > LDAP / AD integration, then clicked the bin button). Here are the results:

  • All users from the old AD disappeared from Users

  • Their files still exist in data/ folder (only for users that logged-in at least once)

  • In the database, ldap_user_mapping table still have the users’ mapping from the old AD

  • occ files:transfer-ownership command failed since the user doesn’t exist anymore

    $ php occ files:transfer-ownership 90A1XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXX3465 newuser

    Unknown source user

Luckily, most of our AD users didn’t use nextcloud yet. For larger deployments, this would certainly be a nightmare.