Can I keep track of audio?

I have mp3 audio books (that I own). Is there a way to keep track of where I am in an mp3 file in Nextcloud? How about an Ampache or Subsonic Android app that can do this?

Otherwise I’ll just keep the mp3 files in my phone and use an offline audiobook player.


You are looking for CloudBeats.

Thanks. Does it keep track of where I am in the audiobook?

There is an iOS “Audiobook” Version with support for muliple bookmarks. The Android Version stores the position where you stopped before and continues there. If you play a different File, the Position is lost (AFAIK).
Give it a try, it is the only Music App with Playlists etc with Nextcloud integration. If it not fits your needs, you always can change to offline solution.

Oh, too bad it loses the position.

I just tried the app and like it, but will resort to a dedicated offline audiobook player then so I don’t lose track of my audiobooks.
The offline audiobook player I’m using also detects chapters in the mp3 file.

Thanks again.

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There are some more options:
the music App is broken since 26 but there is a commit with a fix. You can apply the commit (or wait until it is updated by the maintainer) and then you can use the “music” app as an Ampache/Subsonic Server. Then you can use one of these Ampache clients and/or one of these Subsonic clients
Not all clients work with all android versions but they have nice features, such as bookmarking etc.
I am very confident that you will find a client that fits your needs.