Can I install syncthing?

Hi I have a simple question. Can I install syncthing on mi ncp instance? Will ncp work without problems?

No Syncthing does not modify the database entries that Nextcloud uses, so you can’t just use Syncthing as an alternatve sync method.
You could probably create an external storage in Nextcloud with the filesystem driver and use Syncthing to sync that, as external storage gets scanned for file changes by Nextcloud from time to time, but in my experience the userfriendlyness of that is limited (external storage really only works nicely for files that are accessed rarely).

thanks by the answer, so how I can sync one folder to my Android phone? I want to sync my keepass database

Sure you can do that, I though you wanted the files to appear in Nextcloud.

Other than the preinstalled Nextcloud, NCP really is AFAIK a normal GNU/Linux for ARM.

But if it is unrelated to Nextcloud, then this is OT for this forum.

And how? At the moment I do that with DriveSync (android app). I sync to drive and I have the same version of keepass database file in my pc and my android

Install Syncthing on Android and on your server?
I can’t walk you through all that and it is also totally off topic for this forum. Google it :stuck_out_tongue:

But unrelated, did you try this:

For that I want to sync my keepass database for use keeweb but I don’t understand you. I think at the begin that it’s couldn’t be a good idea

Well, Ihave never used KeePass, but it seems like it supports WebDAV syncing? Why not use it directly with Nextcloud then and avoid doing it manually with Synthing?

Not directly that, but this should give you some hints on how to set it up:

WebDAV is build into Nextcloud, so no need to do much on the Nextcloud side of things.

Or maybe this is needed:

Really Google helps :wink:

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