Can I force stop auto upload gracefully on Android?

I have been using Nextcloud for years. I always update my software to latest stable - NC 23.0.3, Android client 3.19.1. Everything has been working fine.

One thing bother me from time to time is the auto upload feature on the Android client, it does well on video and image but not audio. I tried via the menu Setting>More>Auto upload>3-dot on top-right>“Set up a custom folder”, I add for Local the folder WhatsApp Audio (in phone>Android>media>com.whatsapp>WhatsApp>Media), skip upload existing files, etc. After I save it, nextcloud on my phone is frozen. Even worse I see lot of non-audio files are being uploaded to server. How can I stop that?

Last time when I migrate my NC server to Pi4 with a fresh installation of apache2, it took over a week to finish the auto upload (full of duplication).

Meanwhile, I only want a graceful way to stop it. Any help or idea?

Thanks in advance.

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Finally, the forced upload process has completed, and it’s time to remove 2G something duplicated files.

I have been trying but failed to find any relevant documentation on Nextcloud Android app, github (GitHub - nextcloud/android: 📱 Nextcloud Android app) has no wiki page, even the NC official link ( points to “File not found”. Sorry I didn’t follow it closely enough to know what has been happening. Any directional hints for a non-programmer user?

Thank you very much

Dear all,

Is there any date that the content of this page will be available again?

I thought it was under maintenance, am I wrong?

My intuitive trying has caused me trouble already. I cannot locate/find/unhide/whatever the “Set up a custom folder” I pointed to WhatsApp Audio folder as mentioned in the first post, for me to remove/disable/whatever it.

What am I supposed to do?

Am I asking a wrong question? In a wrong way? Or, there is just not an answer for the question so that nobody can answer?