Can I disable thumbnail generation?

Can I disable thumbnails in my Nextcloud?

I want to do this because I switched to using object storage as primary storage, basically because it is cheaper. Evidently, images and thumbnails are not encrypted in this kind of setup when using server-side encryption. Any image I upload, or any thumbnails of a text file I upload (which contains the contents of the text file as an image), I can find them directly on my storage service, unencrypted. I can live with unencrypted images (dont have many) but the unencrypted thumbnails of the text files really bother me (have many). Anyway, this is a poor practice from the privacy perspective and I am looking for a fix. How do I disable thumbnails, preventing their generation and upload?

Thanks a lot.

My Setup:
Nextcloud version 20.0.02 (using snap):
Operating system and version (Ubuntu 20.04):

Thanks, @j-ed, that should solve.

I also appreciate any advice on how to possibly have the image files encrypted in this setup.

Search the administrator guide and/or the forum for “encryption” :wink: