Can I disable "daily backup successful!" notifications?


I鈥檓 very appreciative of the daily backup feature, but I鈥檝e been receiving a notification on all my devices every time the backup completes, which results in me needing to manually dismiss dozens of the same exact notification whenever I open the feed (which, because Nextcloud has generally been so reliable at syncing my stuff, is only once every week or two on average).

A slightly more sophisticated notification system would be more ideal, where instead of sending a separate notification every day and keeping them all in a list, it would either only show the most recent one and auto-dismiss the others. Or better yet, just send a notification if the daily backup failed.

But I know that鈥檚 asking for a lot. Is there at least a way to just disable the daily backup notifications? I can鈥檛 find anything on the Nextcloud AIO interface or the web interface that lets me disable that notification. It鈥檚 not mentioned in either the admin notification settings page or the personal notification settings page.


Currently you cannot disable thrm but see Improve "backup success" notification spam 路 nextcloud/all-in-one 路 Discussion #3485 路 GitHub