Can FreeCAD, QCAD or similar application be installed on Nextcloud

Can FreeCAD, QCAD or similar application be installed on Nextcloud? I’ve done research but haven’t come across any good results. I would be glad if you help me

What do you suggest?

Nextcloud is a webapplication. The nextcloud “apps” are PHP backend and HTML+JS frontend code that is added to Nextcloud using the Nextcloud API’s. Installing an application on your host, does not make them available in Nextcloud. There is already apps that can understand AUTOCad format, and delivering a simple interface to view those files, but they have nothing to do with AUTOCad as an application.
Either you needs a Nextcloud app that can render, read and/or correctly create files of the same format (eg: .CAD) but then you have to build your interface and toolbox all by yourself.
You builds a nextcloud frontend app (which you needed anyway for the first solution) which integrates to some external application which offers an API (could be FreeCAD, google maps, adobe cloud etc).

No, but you can use Nextcloud to sync your data and folders around as you would in Dropbox or Google Drive.