Can find old config file..?..?

So I don’t know how this is possible, but I have had nextcloud installed for a few years now, upgraded it several times. I don’t recall which version I started with, but I just updated to version 15 today. I have been using a self signed cert for https, and just bought a domain to use with it and was going to use let encrypt to have a valid cert for it. Currently it is setup with another dynamic DNS service and was looking at changing the accepted domain for my installation so I could switch it to my newly purchased domain. That being said my config.php file is empty. I can’t for the life of me figure out where it is getting its settings from. When i try and run commands like “sudo nextcloud.eneable-https letsencrypt” it just gives me "command not found.

Everything is working and I can upload and it stores data no problem, but like i said my config.php is empty. This is a local machine running on Ubuntu 18.04 (upgraded from 16.04) and like i said I had previous versions of nextcloud installed and not sure what version I started on.

I had also setup a custom storage location as I have a zfs RAID in my box and so I changed it to store the data on that instead of the default /var/www/nextcloud/data folder.

Any ideas how I can get my upgraded version working like the current version is supposed to? or where the old config file was located?

First of all check how did you install the NC. If you did it long time ago, it could be that you did use direct manual installation without docker or snap. In this case

will not work. And you have to edit your config.php.

Your actual config is stored under ../nextcloud/config/config.php and per default it is in /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php.
For an older config version check your data folder:

I figured it out…confused myself from the original installation.
Originally I setup nextcloud under its own sub directory so it was
However I only wanted to run nextcloud so I copied (for some reason instead of moved) the data to the html root folder. Since i saw the nextcloud folder a couple years later, i assumed it was the active one, which it was not. My config file was in the correct location in the html folder. it was just a mess of an install, back when I was learning linux and apache. I got everything working fine now.

Thank you and sorry to waste your time with my multiple incomplete copies.

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