Can create directories but not files


I am new to nextcloud, but attempting to install nextcloud-12.0.4 from the tar ball on a shared webspace. (Unfortunately this provider does not give acess to php.ini, so it is possible that the problems I’m describing below is related to such settings.)

My issue is the following: in the newly created nextcloud installation users can neither create files (say a new text file), nor delete files, nor upload files. However, creating directories works fine. Moreover, any files I put in the skeleton directory are correctly copied over to a new user’s home when their account is created. Thus it seems like at least some functions in the code has correct acess to create files.

However when trying to create a file as a user the only result is a banner message saying “Could not create file” followed by the file name. No message is left in the log by this event.

The log is however flooded by periodic messages in the style of
set_time_limit(): Cannot set max execution time limit due to system policy at some/path/lib/base.php#648
I do not think these are directly related to the file creation issue I am experiencing, but reporting it here in case I am wrong.

As for my installation:
I installed from the tar archive and made sure the owner is that of the www user. I set it up using the wizard, and have tried using both MySQL and sqlite as backends with the same results. I have tested both with php 5.6 and php 7.1.

If anybody has encountered a similar problem and been able to solve it I would appreciate the help.

Thank you.


Did you perform any hardening of the server, that could cause permission problems? For example selinux? Could you set the log level to debug in Nextcloud and see if the logs contain something useful then?

Regarding the error messages about max execution time, I’d try to fix that as well anyway. It doesn’t too good.


Thanks for your reply. No, didn’t harden the server, however as it is a webhost it might be that it has some hardening by default. Will look into that.

Turned on loglevel >= 0, but nothing is generated when I try to create the file.

Will look into that error message as well. Had though I would wait until I know if I can get the uploading to start, but if you think it is related I’ll see if I can find something about that. Might be related to this issue at, though it is closed and a fix merged into nextcloud 12 as far as I can tell.