Can anyone recommend a tutorial for a Docker install

I’d like to deploy a Nextcloud on my home server via docker. I found this tutorial which seems recent and legitimate however I’d prefer using Apache to Nginx for the reverse proxy step. I’ve also never worked with Apache, Nginx, MariaDB OR Let’sEncrypt so I’m at a loss. My technical prowess is quite pronounced but with this much fresh meat, I’m not sure how best to cook it.

Are there any good tutorials out there you might recommend? The machine I run all my docker applications from runs Ubuntu Server 20.04LTS. I’m aware there is a Snap available for this but I don’t know much about Snaps and it seems they get bad press.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!

So basically you have docker and may be docker-compose already installed and configured, why you need this tutorial then? Just go the source of nextcloud docker and read how to:

Then just use docker compose, it has already mariaDB, even HTTP2:

and HTTPS:

Or, better to build a Frontend e.g. with Apache and Lets encrypt:

Hey gas85 - thank you for the reply!

Unfortunately, I’m still pretty confused. I looked at everything you linked. What all do I NEED?

I need the nextcloud installation, mariadb, and what else? One of those examples said it used the “apache image” but I didn’t see the apache image anywhere in the compose example.

This is a link to the docu only, just copy paste it in your docker-compose file what you want. Even there are full examples with HTTPS enabled.
One is Apache

Another is based on nginx

Read more about examples is here:

Thank you. I’ve definitely got some reading to do.

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