Can access Nextcloud locally but not over the net

Please Help I Can Gain Access To NextCloud On The Local Network But Not Over The Internet. I Am A Very Basic User, I’m Using A Raspberry Pi 3 Thanks In Advance.

  • Have you configured your router/firewall to allow port forwarding?
  • Do you have a dynamic DNS service if you’re using a consumer internet connection with a dynamic public IP?

Seems like your install is fine, so you need to look into the basics of networking.

Hi thank you for your quick reply, been working 16 hour shifts and haven’t had a chance to look at this, how would I go about configuring my router? I have sky
Thank you so much.

this is the tutorial i followed

I couldn’t say how to configure your sky router, but Google should point you in the right direction. You’ll need to configure port forwarding.

how would I know which ports?

80 if you access via **http://**
443 if you access via **https://**

Please take a little time to look into networking, honestly it’ll save you a lot of time if you ever need to diagnose issues. Independent of Nextcloud this situation is common for self-hosted solutions.

It works thank you so much, just one more thing i attempted to mount a drive how can I tell if it was sucsessful, without removing it, and also how much space i have on Nextcloud? Thank you so much, I could kiss you.

Sorry :no_mouth: I didn’t get a notification.

How are you mounting it?

you are going to need to mount it using sudo su

this will give you access to root permissions. Otherwise it will not work. I’m struggling with this myself