Can 3rd-party sync apps be disabled?

Is there a way to stop users using anything other than the official Nextcloud clients to sync files?

I am testing my installation with a friend who is uploading lots of small files using a Synology client, and this is bringing my server to its knees. If the same process is done with the native client (which only does 1 file at a time), it is sustainable.
So I am wondering if there is a way to prevent users from using anything other the native clients for file syncing, to avoid such problems.

Is this at all possible?

With the fileaccess control app, you can restrict certain clients.

You can do a lot of tuning to improve the performance during upload of small files.

Thank you for the tip, I didn’t know that.
So I am on the flow now and setting up a flow to block custom user agents. The box underneath the ‘custom user agent’ bit is blank. If I leave it blank, will it block ALL custom user agents, or would I need to create a filter for each and every custom agent out there (that would be impossible though)? Are there wildcards?

It’s not documented well at all. Thanks again for any further help you can provide.