Camera upload - completely broken while uploading photos / videos

is there any plan to fix the issue as the app is “unusable at all”.

HEIF → are converted to JPEG
PNG (~8MB size) → to some crippled small KB in size
MOV (videos) → to H.264 - MPEG-4 AVC

Another bug:
original video format from iphone cant be playbacked in Gallery.

Anyone any view on this? otherwise its frankly unusable at all …


First. The problem is not Nextcloud but Apple. HEIF is not a standard format. Maybe in the Apple world. I never used HEIF. I think HEIF is not standard in Imagemagick and that is the real problem.

Nextcloud can handle HEIF only with Imagemagick and HEIC for Imagemagick.

Maybe read this. Sorry not tested.

Also you can use phpinfo to check if HEIF is already supported.

phpinfo.php outside from Nextcloud on webserver e.g. apache2


Also there are a lot of issues in the internet.
Search: HEIF imagemagick nextcloud issue github