Camera or Nextcloud issue? One Plus 3T doesn't upload all photos

Hello everyone,

a few days days ago I recognized that something is wrong with the auto-upload of my camera roll in my One Plus 3T.

There are two ways to open up the camera which is either through a double tap on the on/off button or the usual way through clicking on the app icon in your homescreen. Everytime I take a photo with the quick double tap method it won’t be uploaded to my Nextcloud. Only photos that are taken the “normal” way will be uploaded. Is this a Nextcloud issue or a One Plus issue? Maybe someone has encountered similar problems and can help. I couldn’t find anything in Google due to the lack of search terms.

Thank you!

I am also having trouble uploading camera images.
But for me it is no difference between how I start the camera. Sometimes when I reboot phone it starts to upload some of the pictures but not always. I also have a oneplus 3t.