Calls dont work after setting up a signaling server

I finished setting up my signaling and got no errors inside my NC.
If I start a call everything works my browser is connecting to my signaling server but if a nother person wants to join the call the call starts but eachone has his own call

Probably an issue with the turn server or the Janus server… But just guessing without any logfiles or information about your setup. thats the tutorial I used.
I heared something about PPA for Janus that that could help but I wasnt able to get that running.
If your are asking for Janus logs I have no ides how to get them. My NGINX logs are ok. Could it be that I have to open a nother port because glaswire is telling me that there is a connection with port 55633 and some others with very high numbers

In my case I had to open some UDP high ports for the Janus server. You can find the port range in the janus.jcfg mentioned in the tutorial. I don’t see anything about the high ports in that tutorial, so perhaps it might also work without them.

I tried it with the firewall disabeld and it still didnt work one thing I noticed is that the share the link button in the call doesnt work I dont know but this might be an indicator one thing i checked as well with a phone it doesnt work

No, the button doesn’t work because of some other elements being above it. This is a bug in the current version and will be fixed with the next release…

I think it would be best to find the logs of Janus. You could have a look at your janus.jcfg and see where the logfile is stored

I looked at the jcfg and found something that something about looging but the file that was revered to wasnt there

The config parameter should be log_to_file = /path/to/Janus.log which is commented out be default. You have to remove the # in front of it to enable file logging.

Just installed it in another way now its running but thanks anyway.

Hi, which other way was that?

I used this turorial How to run Nextcloud Talk High Performance Backend with Stun/Turnserver on Ubuntu with docker-compose – Markus' Blog