Call for Testing: GPG mailer: encrypted password reset and notification email

Hi There,
I have developed an app, which allows nextcloud server to send encrypted emails to registered users. So password reset email, notifications and all other emails send by the server to userA are encrypted, if userA has provided his public key in his personal settings.

I would like to provide a stable release together with nc19.

So if you are running Nextcloud 19 beta and use GPG email encryption your help is appreciated.
Just install, upload you public key in your personal settings and wait until you will receive an encrypted email. If you don’t want to wait that long, trigger an test email in the admin setting or request a password reset email.
Feel free to report issues at github.


Is this the same app:

Not by version - github is alpha.3, app store alpha.2 :wink:

Yeah version alpha.3 is uploaded to the appstore, but somehow NC19 releases are not shown yet.