Call for testing - Flowupload 1.0

Hello everyone,

@TessyPowder did an awesome rewrite of Flowupload that brings a lot of new features to the app:

  • Vue.js support
  • Selection of destination folder where files should be uploaded to
  • Support for Nextcloud 19 and up
  • Several more fixes

To test it head over to to find the new version of Flowupload.


Can’t test as I am still on NC18, but what do you mean with upload from multiple locations?

Would for example an upload via multiple ISPs work?
I have a router with OpenWRT that through mwan is connected to more than one ISP the same time. But uploads and downloads usually only utilize one line at a time, but multiple parrallel ones are of course faster.

Also what about the same in reverse if I would host Nextcloud behind such a multi ISP setup?

You can choose to upload a file TO (not from) multiple destinations in the same browser tab.
It was just a small mistake in the text of @alfred

If you want to test the new Version just download this
zip file and unzip it into your apps folder.

Sorry, I fixed the text now. You can run it on Nextcloud before 19 too, this only means the will be compatible with future versions of Nextcloud too.

Release of Flowupload 1.0 is done! :star_struck: :+1: :fireworks:

Link here:

Version 1.0 :+1:

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New release is very nice. Congratulations !! :heart_eyes: