Calendars not showing up in Nextcloud Calendar App (but visible by WebDav/CalDav)

Dear nextcloud users,
I am using NC 10.0 with php7.0 and nginx (current github) and MariaDB.
I searched the nextcloud and owncloud forums/help pages but couldnt come up with a solution:

1. observed behavior

  • Calendar App 1.33 installed/enabled and opened
  • wheel keeps spinning in left sidebar forever!
  • trying to click on days leads to toast message. “You need to create a calendar first!”
  • lcicked on create “+ new calendar”, entered name and selected color --> clicked “create”

2. used CalDav App on Android, connected with nextcloud, synced calendars

  • calendars created in app showed up
  • could create appointments and sync

3. expected behavior (in calendar app in nextcloud)

  • newly created calendar showing up
  • after selection of calendar appointments should be creatable

4. tried so far

  • disabling some"add header statements" in nginx.conf and server blocks
  • had a look at the mysql tables with no clue, actually, sorry

What can I do?
Did somebody experience the same problem and came uo with a solution?

Thanks guys and girls!


I had the same problem until I realized my browser (which uses an older Mozilla engine) didn’t work. Latest Firefox did the job.


edit: bird/fox … all the same

Dammit, you’re right!
It works with Firefox!

–> But why are all other (webkit) browsers like Safari, Android Browser and Chrome obviously INCOMPATIBLE?
–> Isn’t this a bug that needs fixing?


I would be happy to know aswell, if there will be a solution to this in future. When I asked in IRC I got a valid RTM response, even if not very satisfying:

Strange is, my PaleMoon Browser which couldn’t see calendar uses an FF 26.X+ engine, appearantly supported would be from FF 14+ on. Strange…


I wonder…
Is this a known problem only with nextcloud, or is it also known with owncloud?

Well, what I remember is that Nexcloud 9.x didn’t have this issue. It’s only starting with 10 that it appeared.

I had a similar issue with the oVirt WebUI - the devs were able to fix it for older engines, so maybe there’s a “workaround” for NC too. It depends of the effort the devs would have to do for research and adaptation on this issue. As oVirt is financially backed by RedHat, they for sure didn’t have problems in financing that work.

@Devs: Are there attempts to follow this issue?

Easiest is to create an issue at

However, please note

Thanks for reminding with the link - I hope you didn’t mind my “rtm” comment :wink:

@der.einstein can you take care of creating an github issue?


What browser do you use?
The calendar only supports the latest version of Safari, Chrome/Chromium and Firefox.

and please check for javascript errors in the browsers developer console.

Just for the record, we are now supporting a broader range of browsers:

  • Chrome/Chromium 49+
  • Firefox 45+
  • Safari 10+
  • Edge 14+

Internet Explorer is not supported.