Calendar | Week view starts with current day

Is it possible that the week view starts with the current day, followed by the next 5 or 7 days?
An even better option is as used in the Simple Mobile Tools Calendar app: GitHub - SimpleMobileTools/Simple-Calendar: A simple calendar with events, tasks, customizable colors, widgets and no ads..
In their weekview, at the bottom of the overview is a slider. With the slider you can change the amount of days you want to be shown.
I am looing forward to receiving your replies and feedback.

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Currently this setting is done via the locale settings of each user and there is no direct option to do that. There is a feature request to improve this:

There you can share your idea, with a bit of luck this option is considered. Personally, I think it is really interesting.

Thank you for your suggestion.
I posted the request, maybe you can support it :slight_smile:

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