Calendar week to start on Monday, not Sunday?


how do i get the calendar week to start on Monday instead of Sunday?

I found this but couldn’t figure out how to accomplish the change of locale. Also, I would of course prefer to have the locale set to what it in actuality shoud be, which is not UK.

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You can change your language in your personal settings.
(Click your avatar/name in the upper right corner and select personal).

There are plans to implement a dedicated region input.


for @jospoortvliet : I noticed you already replied to the reddit thread, but maybe you can add a reference to the Issue about “Dedicated locale/region option” which was explicitly asked for.

I do not have a reddit account, so I cannot do it by myself…


Maybe worth mentioning that English UK actually uses the Christian work week of Mo-Su and English US has the Jewish Su-Sa conventions.


Can we resurrect this idea of week start day? This is availalbe in most modern calendar programs, and I know that I always set the week to start on Monday, and prefer to see my weekend days together, at the end of the week! pretty please??

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