Calendar week to start on Monday, not Sunday?

how do i get the calendar week to start on Monday instead of Sunday?

I found this but couldn’t figure out how to accomplish the change of locale. Also, I would of course prefer to have the locale set to what it in actuality shoud be, which is not UK.


You can change your language in your personal settings.
(Click your avatar/name in the upper right corner and select personal).

There are plans to implement a dedicated region input.


for @jospoortvliet : I noticed you already replied to the reddit thread, but maybe you can add a reference to the Issue about “Dedicated locale/region option” which was explicitly asked for.

I do not have a reddit account, so I cannot do it by myself…

Maybe worth mentioning that English UK actually uses the Christian work week of Mo-Su and English US has the Jewish Su-Sa conventions.

Can we resurrect this idea of week start day? This is availalbe in most modern calendar programs, and I know that I always set the week to start on Monday, and prefer to see my weekend days together, at the end of the week! pretty please??


Please implement finally a dedicated region control. Week starts here on Monday but I still would like to use English as the UI language.


I agree. The starting day of the week is very often a matter of personal preference and style—independent of locale.


Even when your locale starts the week on monday, the calendar still starts on sunday.

Issue tracked here: #2663.

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Is there a tracking issue for setting the week start day independently of the locale? I think it is a very reasonable feature to have, and certainly common in other calendar apps as @bferrell points out.

there is an open tracking issue: Starting day of the week (Sunday vs Monday) · Issue #384 · nextcloud/calendar · GitHub

Posted a rather longer explanation of why this is necessary. The user needs the flexibility to fix the problems with incorrect locale settings but also set up their digital desktop anyway they want.