Calendar to Twilio SMS Program?

We’re using the calendar in Nextcloud to mark down the appointments we have for the day.

Can I get your feedback?
I’d like to develop a program that can check the calendar, and send SMS (text message) reminders using the Twilio service.

Is there a suggested Nextcloud API for pulling data from the Calendar?
In addition, and probably a v2.0 of the program: is there a way I can modify, inside Calendar, the “New Event” modal popup?

I thought to put a specific place for phone numbers.

Where could I start?
Any documentation links you can provide/suggest?

Thank you!


you did not say if you wanted to use PHP on the server or on JS in the frontend/browser.

You might have a look at groupware docs. Currently, I am unsure, if this API works (I have not used it yet, still on my route there. It should be working, in general).

However, the API does not allow altering any calendar entries ATM. You can only fetch entries and eventually create new ones.

I hope this gives you a start.

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That is quite useful actually.
Thank you!

I could use either PHP (which I’m relatively proficient at), or Python (which I’m also relatively proficient).

I’ll try some things and report back asap.
Thanks!! :+1::+1:

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