Calendar Timezone Bug #36192

I am writing about a timezone drift for all day events notes in bug #36192 on GitHub at

I’m just an end user, not a dev but running NC 26.0.3. The time zone drift for all day event reminders still occurs for me. Doesn’t matter if I use the personal calendar that is automatically created or a new calendar that I create. My time zone is set correctly in the nc calendar app settings app. Is this expected still?

Apologies, as I do not understand the jargon on GitHub used by devs.

If not yet fixed in the most current NC, would a bug bounty help get it done? This is essential to my workflow and happy to support development with money, since I can’t code.

The old problem that you are referring to was resolved, a fix was build an merged into the code. It should be in the NC 26 version already, and you shouldn’t see this exact issue any more.

So if you still see this issue, you can open a new bug report. I’d use the latest version (26.0.4) to avoid that this perhaps new bug was already solved. When you open a bug report, it asks you to fill out a template.

Perhaps some others can confirm that they see this bug. For myself, I didn’t get into the details to know how to reproduce it.

I just ran some tests and it seems that TZ information is indeed still missing in all day events NC 26.0.4 and Calendar app v4.4.3.

How to report this to get it fixed?

It has already been reported, see

Thanks…I made that bug report

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