Calendar subscription and certificates


I run into an issue with subscribing a WebDAV calendar and the certificate I use on the WebDAV server.

  • I have an ics file on a WebDAV server: https://webdavserver.local/calendar/webdav.ics
  • I can use this file from different clients (android, windows, mac)
  • I want to subscribe to this file from within nextclouds calendar app
  • I can provide the link in the app but no event shows up in the calendar

All the error messages I get, point into the direction of certificate issues:

  • JS console: “Error requesting resource on remote server. This could possible be related to a certificate mismatch”
  • Admin logs: Error creating resource: [message] fopen(): Peer certificate CN=public.ip.address' did not match expected CN=webdavserver.local’

I know, the certificate does not match, as it is assigned to the public IP address and I connect to the local server on the very same computer. Is there a way to confirm the certificate to be correct? I guess, this is not limited to or a concern of the calendar app, but this is the app I currently have this issue with.

If I’m totally wrong in the calendar category, please point me in some other direction where I might find help.