Calendar sharing between more nextclouds?

Hi. I am looking for a way, how to share calendars between more NC instances. I was able to set federation, but it seems to be working just for file sharing.

Is there any way how to achieve the subject? Using API, heaving one calendar in each instance and syncing them somehow? In the worst case, I can write a script using direct access to DB, but I do not like such hacks.

It seems to be in development:

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Dev recommends:
well, you can use public calendar sharing and webcal feeds for read-only “federated” shares, but that’s only Nextcloud11+ and will only work in the web interface

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Unfortunately, I would need write access on both servers. It’s supposed to be used for booking of shared resources of two NGOs, each heaving own NC. They were used to share also same OC, but had to split because of GDPR.
I can also add few bucks to bounty, it’s $175 now. Are there any estimates? Or at least info, if somebody actively works on that feature?
I just found a mention in Federation 2.0

Allow the implementation of federated calendar and contact sharing

It has a label “to review” since 2018.

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Any news on this? Bounty is now 250 $

Overall strategy is being coordinated on the OCM-API repo…