Calendar LOST! Why the calendars are in the activity?

So, a couple of months ago I started using the task app on Android that sync the Activity from Nextcloud. I’ve created some lists and then I’ve found a list called “imported_from_Gmail” and I deleted it since I didn’t use lists in Gmail.
Yesterday I’ve opened my calendar on Nextcloud web and…my calendar wasn’t there! On Android it was still there, so I checked DAVx and when I’ve opened it it synced it, I’ve checked back Nextcloud web, but still nothing. I went beck on Android and…my calendar was gone!
On DAVx I saw a lot of other calendar that was the new lists that I’ve created on Activity on Nextcloud and I suddenly realized that a couple of months ago when I’ve delete the list “imported_from_Gmail” I’ve deleted my calendar!
I’ve managed to restore the calendar from a backup, but I’ve lost these last 2 months and the upcoming event.
Why, why in the activity there are all the calendars??? Why???

It works as the protocol has been designed. Nextcloud uses the CalDAV protocol and standard to store calendars. Activities are part of the CalDAV protocol and therefore stored in a calendar.

Oh, I see. it’s misleading to view the calendar in the activity and the activity in the calendar.
Is there a way to hide them?

Afaik you can select if a calendar should also contain task if you’re creating a new calendar. I’m not aware of any setting which would allow to disable activities once a calendar has initially been created.

But I’m using the activities, wouldn’t I miss them?

Sure, at least for the selected calendar.

So there is no way to see only the calendars in the calendar app/web and only the activity in the activity app :frowning:
It still sound so strange to me :man_shrugging:

But…wait, wait, wait…
It’s not that in the calendar app I see in my calendar also the activity, it’s that I see a lot of calendars which just one is the actual calendar and the other are lists in the activity, have a look: