Calendar keeps sending the same notification again and again


I just updated my Nextcloud to the latest and greatest (18.0.3 ) and have the side-effect that notifications from the calendar (“User added appointment to calendar”) are being sent again and again.
(ever 30 minutes, even though I’ve set “hourly” in index.php/settings/admin/activity) … but I think I fond the reason for this, cron job is running:
*/15 * * * * php -f /home/nextcloud/cron.php

Do you have a hint for me where this is coming from and what I can do about it?


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Same here :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:

Do you mean notifications from this app ?

@tcit no, I don’t have that app installed. The notification are from Nextcloud core, I guess.

It’s the basic Nextcloud Notification,
You get spammed on the WebUI and Desktop Client about appointments that already occurred

That was fine for me so far, but the recurring email-notifications are new since the upgrade.
Any hints what can be done about it? :slight_smile:

You could disable email notification about calendar.
Look in your Nextcloud WebUi preferences Panel and notifications

Yes, but I want to have them - once. As notifications “on change”.
Is it a known problem or should I report a bug about this?

You should go there :
I don’t see our problem listed in here, so lets give a try.

Opened a bug in server as required in the description/issue template:

No reactions to the ticket, yet :frowning:

Now it gets more stange: I tried to diable all email notifications (disabled as admin in Settings/Activity “Send emial for activities” and also disabled mail notification in user settings) but Nexcloud keeps sending the notifications. And hint where I can look into this?

I traced this a bit and found out that the mails are send by the ''activity" app which collects events in a table called $prefix_activity_mq but appearently the function meant to clean up after mails are sent does not work as expected as there are several event left in that table for which I get the notifications again and again.

Finally I was able to solve this by debuggin and adding a fix to the activity app code: