Calendar issues after upgrade to NC12

I face some issues with the caledar app, respectively caldav after upgrading:
1st problem: i realized that evolution was no longer able to connect. error message: " Data source does not support OAuth 2.0 authentication".
Temporary solution was provided by @nickvergessen in this thread: NC12 Authentication issue with Cardav, Caldav and Sogo connector.

2nd Problem: during troubleshooting it turned out that my iPhone doesn’t sync with calendar any more. No solution for that so far. Anyone with the same Problem? Any hints?

Caldav sync starts to work again, nothing changed. No clue why… :neutral_face: must have been a temporary condition.
So, problems solved so far for me at least…

Keep an eye on it;

If it crops up again dump the logs and configs and we’ll take a look :+1: