Calendar - inviting attendees

When adding a new event to the Nextcloud Calendar it’s possible to add also persons with their email address, only they don’t receive an invite? We’re on version 16.0.08.

Sorry, I don’t understand what this should mean. Can you please read the sentence again and reformulate it.

The persons invited to the meeting who are a member of the Nextcloud group do receive an email with an invite to the meeting. The other person, not on the contactlist, who I invited to the meeting doesn’t receive an email with the invitation to the meeting. When I read the manual to version 18.xx there are options to “sending email”. In my version (16.0x) there is only the possibility to add or delete an attendee.

The option to enter an email address is part of the calendar app and shouldn’t be related to Nextcloud 18.x. Have you tried to enter an email address in the attendee dialog instead of selecting an existing user from the list?

Is the calendar shared with you or is it your own ?

Ok, the reason I’m mentioning the version of my Nextcloud is that in the user documentation for 18.x mentions “sending email” and the only thing I’m seeing is a X next to the attendee name. Attached is a screenshot from my screen and a screenshot from the manual.

Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 10.16.53

I think that’s mine? I’m admin and I installed the calendar. Can you inform me how to find this?

Calendars shared with you show the avatar of the user who did the share.

As stated in the documentation, only the calendar owner can send out invitations.

Thank you for your explanation. I am the calendar owner - it looks the same as with “personal” in your example. Still if I try to add an attendee with an email address there is an X behind the name but no possibility to send an email with invite.

Problem solved, it was a problem in my email program that caused emails not to arrive properly
. Thank you for your input.