Calendar invitation / Caldav bug

Right now i’m using OC 9.0.2 (waiting for NC release :wink: ). We use the OC caldav URL with the official IOS agenda app. It all works great, except for one thing: it’s impossible to sent invitations to other users when you make an appointment.
The problem is quite obvious I guess: Caldav protocol does not support e-mail invitations. (is this assumption correct?)

I suppose many people want to use this feature, especially business people. Maybe it’s an idea to implement this feature through a custom app? If someone has a better alternative idea, please share :slight_smile:

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well, this is a long running issue, reported ages ago:

most currently, as I see:

You certainly will notice the workaround

Thanks…It’s possible to share the appointment with K9-Mail which then creates an email with an ICS attachment.

this should be possible on Apple devices as well? At least I just shared an event of OSX ElCapitan with Apple Mail to a MS WinPhone mobile using outlook.

For history, see:

@georgehrke did I get the complete picture, or are there plans to implement some support for email invitations?