Calendar import interrupted


first time Nextcloud user here, so please excuse my newbie questions :slight_smile:

I just installed Nextcloud and wanted to import my calendar. My calendar is roughly 500 kB in size and it takes a while to upload it with my internet connection. Unfortunately whenever I try to upload my calendar, I will receive “Page will be refreshed in x seconds” warnings at some time and when the countdown reaches 0 the page is refreshed and my upload process will be interrupted.

Do you have an suggestions how I can manage to import my calendar properly?
Is there a way to do it in the shell? Can I manually stop updating the page somehow?

Thanks in advance and also thanks for your hard work!

I advise you to setup sync with a CalDAV client, then import your file into this client, then let synchronization handle the rest.

Hi tcit,

thanks for your answer. I wanted to try it this way, because I wasn’t sure which way my client would sync. Will it import my current calendar to Nextcloud or will it replace my calendar with an empty on from my Nextcloud instance?

Newest changes always take priority.

Just wanted to let you know that I solved it by manually splitting my calendar export into multiple files, but I assume your solution would have worked as well and might have been easier.
I noticed that the contacts app has an option to choose where the file is imported from: your computer or somewhere on the nextcloud server. If you could also add this option to the calendar, then my problem would most probably not happen, because the upload takes most of the time.
Anyway, thanks for your help