Calendar - How do I see attendance status of invitees

Hi there,

  • I create an event in my personal nextcloud calender and add participants which have no accounts at the nextcloud instance by their email address.
  • Each participant gets an email notification.
  • A participant clicks either on accept or on decline in the email and gets on a page where it sais “Your attendance was updated successfully.”
  • Nothing seems to happen. (No notification for me and I can’t find attendance status in the event details)

I’d like to get notified when an invitee changes his status or at least see the status if I look into the event. Is that possible? (Otherwise: What is the purpose of the link in the email invitation?)

Thanks and greetings from Chewie

It’s not implemented yet

It should be in version 2
But i dont know when ver 2 will be released

Ok, thanks!