Calendar from a deleted user is shown in calendar app

Hello community,
I have got a problem with my nextcloud installation, based on ubuntu 18.04 LTS and nextcloud 17.0.3
I deleted a user named ‘Sigfried’. All userdata is deleted except the calendar data. In the calendar and tasks app you can see the calendar of the deleted user.


I cannot delete this calendar. Does someone know what to do?

If you have access to the database, look into the oc_calendars table for entries with principaluri = 'principals/users/username' where username is your user’s username.

hello @tcit,
I found the corresponding entry in the database. Is it possible without difficulty to delete this row?
Kind regards

Yes, you should be able to delete it without consequences. Feel free to make a database backup before.

@tcit thanks for your help. My problem is gone. With kind regards Nik

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