Calendar - filter

Can I set filters on my calendar so that only certain users I can access at a time? And is it possible to change the overall view of the calendar, eg on a weekly horizon as in the picture?
My last question is whether it is possible to turn on only a calendar without sharing files?

Thank you very much for your advice

It seems that you havenโ€™t even checked how the calendar view look like in Nextcloud?!

  • You can select which calendars you want to get displayed by selecting them in the left pane of the window.
  • You can select the the time period to be displayed by using big buttons on top of the left pane of the window, e.g. day, week, month.
  • Why should you share files if you want to view a calendar?

Hi, thanks for your answers

Nextcloud and calendar I use. But when I want to see more users in the calendar, the view is not very user-friendly for me. Here it seems to me a better vertical view, with individual users on calendar rows, as shown as picture.

Is it possible to switch off file sharing in the nextcloud and use eg calendar only?


Open the settings dialog and select the share options to customize the settings. BTW, here you find the adminstrator guide which explains all available options :wink: