Calendar : Entries created in Google calendar don't synchronise on nextcloud web interface


I’m just beggining with Nextcloud and I discovered its possibilities like synchronizing Calendar.
This is my problem:
When I create a new entry in the Calendar app on Nextcloud web ui, the entry is correctly synchronized on my phone. However, the opposite doesn’t work: Android -> Nextcloud

Does anyone have and idea ? Is it even possible ?
Don’t hesitate to ask me details.


In fact, none of my entries are shown in nextcloud.
I have the same problem with Contacts. Maybe I have misconfigured DAVdroid ?


In your admin panel the check is good? or you have any alarm over carddav and caldav?

Check it, maybe is a wrong configuration or you can read in this support that the last updates had a similar problems.



Sorry for responding late.
In the Overview menu of the Administration pannel, I only have warnings about performances enhancement.

Edit: I wasn’t saving events and contacts under the account I had configured in DAVdroid. Now it works perfectly.