Calendar email notification

Good afternoon. NC 24.0.8, Calendar 3.5.4.
Personal - Notification - Calendar - Enable → Mail
Administration - Notifications - Calendar - Enable → Mail
I create an event, turn on notify - by email.
But the notification does not come.
System alerts are coming successfully. What could be the reason ?



PS : ALMOST FORGET => Go into “Settings > Notifications”. Do you check the mail button for calendar events ?

You need to find where the problem is.
Connect to the Administration’s email (the sender), and look into the sent emails inbox.
Does the mail seems to be sent ?

If yes : Then either the mail didn’t arrived because the receipient denied it or it’s in the spam inbox.

if there is not mail in the sent emails inbox, then :

  • Are the Administration’s email credentials correct ?
  • if yes, does your mail server accept your NC server’s emails ? (In other words, did you configure your email correctly.)

In case of recurring events, bug #34442 may be the cause.

Hi, I have indicated here that everything is included
Personal - Notification - Calendar - Enable → Mail
Administration - Notifications - Calendar - Enable → Mail
Just today at 9 am I received a message about yesterday’s event with a calendar at 4:10 PM

Yesterday at 4:10 PM
Amigo shared calendar Sertificate with you

There are no emails sent on the server that is specified for notifications

It was the reason I didn’t include it in my first post version… But I forgot it and edited my post… my bad :smile:

To be 100% sure, you are talking about notification within Nextcloud and not email ?

You can use the send email button in the Email Server section of the Admin settings page in order to verify if the email is working or not. (Verify your email address in your personal settings)

In the case email is not received, you can verify these three things:

  1. Did you configure the correct email settings in your Nextcloud instance? (Url, password, port,…)

  2. Do you have a firewall that can block this type of traffic? (Not likely)

  3. Depending on your email providers you have to do some configurations on your email account to accept nextcloud connexion

The test email arrives almost immediately, about 3 minutes. All settings are correct. Now the reminder has passed again at 10:22 AM
What was supposed to come yesterday
Mon, Jan 16, 2023, 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

It feels like the letters are in the queue of the NC itself, but this is not accurate