Calendar does not pick up meeting invites and answers from Mail

I have an email server configured, I have the Calendar app installed, but calendar-related emails that I receive don’t seem to get pick up by the Calendar app. Is there some configuration option that I am missing?

Some scenarios that don’t seem to work:

  1. Receiving a event invitation: create an event from a gmail calendar, and as a participant my nextcloud account’s email (which is not the same as the gmail adddress): gmail properly sends out an email, I can see it in nextcloud’s Mail app, but the event does not appear in nextcloud’s Calendar. However, while in Mail, if I click the “Accept” button, then the event does indeed get added to Calendar (and the gmail calendar sees it as accepted).
  2. Receiving an answer to an event set up in nextcloud’s Mail: I create an event with a gmail address as participant, I accept the event in gmail’s Calendar, but Nextcloud’s Calendar does not see that the participant accepted the event. I can see in nextlcloud’s Mail app an email that shows that the event was accepted, but nextcloud’s Calendar does not seem to pick it up.

My examples above show that the mail is properly configured, and I can both send and receive emails, it’s just that Calendar does not seem to actually “read” my email. I checked all admin settings, but didn’t find anything.

Thanks to everyone for helping out.

Have you ever found a solution for this?

No, I have not… :roll_eyes:

Your first scenario where calendar events show in a calendar as tentative prior to actively accepting is something that has been widely discussed in the Thunderbird world and ultimately considered a bad idea due to Phishing and marketing event spam. I doubt this option would ever be seriously considered in the modern age, email is just simply too insecure. I’m sure Microsoft would abandon this approach in Outlook (and Google in Gmail) if they hadn’t had it in place for so long already.

Your second scenario looks to be a bug where an existing event cannot be updated see: