Calendar: displaying busy time without showing topic to coworkers

HI there,

the calendar app is said to show free/busy time of coworkers.

However, I didnt see anything in the documentation to achieve this standard funtionality:

how can other people in my group, in my nextcloud instance see if i am busy or free at a certain time without them seeing the actual topic of my calendar entry?

for example if i have an appointment at tuesday 12h saying “lunch with mermaid”, how can i make sure that coworkers can see, i am busy in that timeframe and they cant request me, without seeing the text “lunch with mermaid”?


Open an event and select what information should be shown to your coworkers. Afaik no general parameter exists to change this setting for all existing events so that you need to set it on a per event base.

I see, thanks. This seems to work only in the NC Calendar dashboard version, not with Apple Calendar, right?

Also, is there a way to select by user group or such? for example, if i change this setting, ALL people who have a share of this calendar seem to only read “busy” - though I am looking for a way for example i can share management calendar with management team which will see the actual content but other users only see “busy”


Unfortunately I cannot tell you how events are shown in the Apple Calendar app, but I would assume that it also only shows the “busy” message instead of the original subject.

As I already wrote you can currently only set the status on an event base.