Calendar development: app doesn't render

I’m trying to hack around Calendar. After poking around the calendar directory a bit (I didn’t change anything), I tried to see it in action in my local docker-based development setup. The calendar can be installed and uninstalled using the web-based interface, the version is the one I expect, but nothing renders and no errors whatsoever are shown.

In more detail, on the web server when I click the calendar, I see just clouds. On the command line, the occ command doesn’t list any calendar-related commands. Note that the Files app, which I didn’t tamper with, works fine both in the web interface and via the command line.

If relevant, the calendar files are under /var/www/html/apps-extra in the docker container, which binds to a directory in my host system. I’ve git checked out the latest stable version of Calendar (v.4.6.1, a05a13fe) just to make sure I didn’t mess up anything, but it didn’t help.

How can I debug this?

Did you build the app? GitHub - nextcloud/calendar: 📆 Calendar app for Nextcloud

Hah, nice catch, thanks! :sweat_smile: