Calendar cannot create Events in Android Firefox Touchscreen


I gave nextcloud another try and upgraded it to 11.0.2.

In normal Browser on a PC, except for Performance, all works fine.

When i try to use the calendar with a Smart Phone, ich cannot create an event by touching the day. If you touch they day on the Smart Phone nothing happens.

You can edit an event by touching it if you wait for about 3-5 seconds.
Sliding in the View for changing mounth or type of calendar also works this is instant.

Seems nobody cares … :frowning: :frowning:

There is a bug report related to the use of the calendar app on mobile OS:

If you don’t want to wait for a solution (or contribute yourself, or put some money on it via bountysource), you can perhaps try a calendar app that supports caldav.

Hi @tflidd ,

Thank you for clarifying. Hopefully the mile stone table stands, as I am not representing a company I will wait.
Still I am glad that it is reported in github.

I will now check the issue tracker frequently.


Dear Calendar-Team,

I was once again testing the calendar app (see other issue in other Post),
and there is this issue in GitHub which is tagged as “needs-info”

Adding new events on mobile devices #156
Open poVoq opened this Issue on 25 Oct 2016 · 3 comments

When I access my installation of Nextcloud 10.1 with Calendar App 1.4.0 on my tablet (10.1 inches, Android 6.0.1, Firefox/Chrome), the new event popup does not appear no matter how many times I tap on a day in the month view.

This is only partly correct. If you tap the touchscreen and hold the position for about 4 seconds a new event window will open and it is very easy to fill out the fields and add it by pressing the create button.

After a while i find it good this way cause there is little chance to mix up with modifying other events cause they only register on short taps.

I hope I could clarify the situation.

Best regards,