Calendar App - set the first day of week to Monday

Hi, I’m running Nextcloud 11.0.3 and Calendar 1.5.3. Is it possible to set the first day of the week to Monday, and if so, how/where?

Thanks in advance!

If I remember correctly, you can set this directly in the calendar app, it is set via the language settings which imposes a default. For English you can try British English instead of American English.

I want to switch it the other way round, independently from user language. Didn’t found a way inside calendar app.

Hi, I’ve finally gotten back to this issue and for clarity I thought I’d post a solid answer to my original question…

It is a per user setting, and not per the Calendar App directly. If a user sets her/his language in Settings to German for example, the Calendar App will then automatically show as Mondays being the first day of the week.

I’ve since upgraded to NC 13.0.6 by-the-way, and this is where I discovered that by setting my own personal UI language (in Settings) to German, my calendars now show Mondays first.

It still makes no sense. For some stuff one may want different things.
US/English for all kinds of settings… Setting British might change your keyboard from # -> Pound (depending on other programs picking up settings…)
The Locale settings should be acceptible defaults, and one should be able to override them,
(Setting some stuff to another language has its drawbacks… Setting dates to NL settings will make some programs fail that expect LC_… set to C (Difference capitalisation of month names).
So one tools needs Locale =X, another Locale=Y etc. etc. so to switch from one to another Set LC, logoff, logon, for tools for X, set other locale logoff, logon run tool for locale Y… .

Nothing we can change here, there are some discussions with the developers on the bug tracker:

Yeaaa but when we set-up an event, the small applet still shows sunday as first week …

Look this print screen:
YOu see the main view with Monday (lun. in french) and in the small date picker, it’s Sunday (Di in french).