Calendar App not working in Android Firefox/Browser

Hi Community,

1, Environment
2, Problem
3, Conclusio
4, Question


NextCloud Server:
For testing I installed nextcloud on a normal amd PC with Dual Core Kaveri and 4 Gb RAM with a 500 GB Harddisk. (This is only the Testhardware, in productive operation it will be Raspberry Pi 3B, for 10 Users)
I Installed Debian Jessi, Nexcloud 11, php5, apache2 and all needed liberies. Using the mysql Database. (I did not install https Implementation or encryption)

NextCloud Client:
Android Tablet (Version 4.4.2) and Firefox App (Version 50.1.0)
Normal PC with Firefox (Version 50.1) and IE (Version 11)
Android Handy (Version 4.3) Android Browser.

2, Problem

If I call Calendar App in Firefox (Version 50.1.0) on Android Tablet (Version 4.4.2) it freezes after loading the the events. Which means I cannot edit or create an event.
I still can switch between months but nothing else is possible. As it freezes and all events are visible but no interaction is possible its useless to post a screenshot.

If I call Calendar App in Android Handy (Version 4.3) Android Browser it freezes before loading the events. This is similar to the characteristics when using IE on normal PC.

Using normal PC Firefox (Version 50.1) all works fine although the preformance is with 4 - 6 sec, (average 4,8 sec) loading in my opionion real slow.
Number of events: around 150
testet with firebug)
I made a few preformance tests probably i will post the results in another thread.

3, Conclusio

  • Firefox should be supported but there are some Issues with Android Firefox.
  • IE and Android Browser is not supported but since there are on every device that’s a real pity.
  • Owncloud 7.x Calendar App does not have these issues (works fine)
  • Unfortunatly Calendar App is not usable if you really want to keep the Handy clean of your events therefore upgrading although better security and “newer” is not possible

4, Questions

  • Will Calendar App updated to support Android Browser?
  • Will Calendar App be updated to support Android Firefox?
  • Will there be Preformance boosts to Calendar App (File Manager works between 2 and 3 seconds)?

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— sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Maybe you can try your Tablet with: -> open the link and activate a new instance

Testing with your tablet: please use the Port from instance

Maybe is something with PHP -> which PHP version do you have?

Hi ham,

did open the link container already installed, calendar app downloaded. Still cannot make an entry. Port 38046

Its a samsung TabPro SM-T320



do you know this app: ?

Maybe it will working with that


yes I know but i dont want to use it cause fb (and other) searches Calender. Dont want to have anything saved to handy or tablet.


I tried the Firefox -> i can confirm that is very slow. but my tablet is very cheaply
-> for me chrome works a little bit better.

Maybe that can help

Hi ham,

could you confirm that in android you cannot edit/create events?
What do you mean with slow? I have no relyable data for preformance of OwnCloud 7.x cause it runs on different hardware but it takes most time 7 to 14 seconds. Never the less I could not see a 100 % or even 60 % Spike in Server CPU or RAM Usage during loading. It just takes in best case 4 to 6 seconds.

Is it odd to say that i do not trust chrome too. :weary:


Since you only confirmed that it is slow I did some testing.
Creating/Editing an event works … but slow touchscreen touch mind. 6 seconds before there is a reaction, with my tablet mentioned above.
I also tried it with Owncloud 7.x there is instant reaction (less than 0.5 seconds)
Chrome is hardly better (4 seconds) which is still too slow in my opinion.