Calendar App: Attendee Autocompletition from Contacts?

If i use the Mail, there is Autocompletition for Receipients in the To-Field. Is it possible to modify the Calendar App, to do the same, so that i can use Autocompletition there also?

I could find an issue in Github about contact groups…:

maybe @georgehrke could provide further info…

No, i meant single Contacts from the Contacts App. But its strange, i have tried it today again to type the first signs of a Name from the Addressbook and today it searches automatically for Contacts in the Calendar. Thats what i want. Great, it works!

You have to type at least three characters. Maybe that was the mistake. :slight_smile:

Hi @Spartachetto, I need exactly the object of the GH issue: any news for what you know?

@micheledimeo I am sorry but I do not have any useful info for you.
I have seen that you asked on Github and that is the best way to have feedback form the developers.

By the way, are you aware of this:


Very useful info @Spartachetto, I will withdraw my “bounty”: those are terms I don’t agree at all! :unamused: