Calendar and Mail accepting external requests

I’m checking to see if I’m doing something wrong. It seems that there is not a solid communication between events from Nextcloud and those with Google accounts. If I accept events in Nextcloud Mail, I can get the event to populate on my calendar and it may even show the originator as accepting it as well. But the Gmail user never gets a notice that I accepted it on my end. If the Gmail user makes any changes, I may get an email regarding the change but it has no impact on my Nextcloud calendar event.

Also, if I initiate the event from with Nextcloud and invite the Gmail user, it may populate on their calendar when they accept but it doesn’t even show me as also attending the event, it only shows that it came from my calendar.

I’m just trying to figure out if all of this is currently the experience for others or if I’m missing something on my end. It makes it very unstable for interfacing with people outside of Nextcloud users and therefore is not Enterprise friendly. So any information of how to improve this scenario is welcome.